Course Requirements

Anthropology majors are required to complete 33 credits in anthropology, distributed as follows:

  • Freshmen and sophomores should begin with a three-course introductory sequence of ANTH 0780 Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 0680 Biological Anthropology, and ANTH 0582 Archaeology. These three required courses satisfy the prerequisites for most upper-level courses.
  • At least one Writing (W or WRIT) course in Anthropology. Several W courses in anthropology are offered each semester. The course description tabloid indicates all courses that count as W courses each semester or you can check with the department. Some courses may satisfy both the writing and undergraduate seminar requirements.
  • At least one Undergraduate Seminar (UGSEM/UGS). A list of Undergraduate Seminars to be offered in the upcoming semester is provided on the Undergraduate Canvas site. Please note that not all seminar courses are writing-intensive. If you wish to double count this requirement, ensure that your undergraduate seminar course is also a writing course.
  • At least one Methods (M) course in Anthropology. Courses satisfying this requirement are indicated on the course list distributed through the Anthropology Department each term.
  • The remaining credits in anthropology may be elected from among all other anthropology courses. At least four elective courses must be 1000 level or above.
  • No more than three credits of internship, independent study, or directed research can count toward the 18 elective credits.
  • A maximum of six credits in University External Studies Programs (UESP) courses can count toward the required 33, but UESP courses cannot be used for required courses.

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences related area: A 12-credit concentration in a thematic cluster outside of anthropology approved by a student’s anthropology faculty advisor. Enrollment in a double degree, minor, or certificate program automatically satisfies the related area requirement.