Undergraduate Advising

Upon declaring anthropology as a major, students choose, or are assigned, a member of Anthropology Department Faculty to act as their course advisor/mentor,

Advising Coordinator:

Dr. Gabby Yearwood, Anthropology, 3109 WWPH, Email:

Alicia Grosso, Anthropology, 3309 WWPH, Email:

Anthropology Club:

The Undergraduate Anthropology club offers workshops, hosts informal discussions, shows films, and organizes field trips for anthropology majors and others interested in anthropology. The Club welcomes new members at any time.  Join us at or email us at

Sigma Gamma:

Pitt's chapter of Sigma Gamma, a National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology, provides an opportunity for Pitt students to meet and and share their anthropology interest. Lambda Alpha offers leadership positions, service opportunities, publication opportunities, potential scholarships, and a variety of social events! Applications are available at the beginning of each term for those students who meet the requirements.