Undergraduate Advising

Upon declaring anthropology as a major, students choose, or are assigned, a member of Anthropology Department Faculty to act as their course advisor/mentor.

Advising Coordinator:

Interim Director: Dr. Claire Ebert, Anthropology, 3109 WWPH, Email:

Undergraduate Advisor: Sarah Jolly, Anthropology, 3302 WWPH, Email:


Spring 2022 Advising Procedures for Dept. of Anthropology

Given the difficult position of the current situation and the University’s position on limiting the flow of students, faculty and staff we will be adopting through the Fall semester a virtual only format for advising meetings. This will allow the most access but also keep as many people safe and comfortable. Zoom will be the primary means of conducting advising sessions other platforms may be utilized as needed, based on access and technological compatibility. Everyone should use their official university accounts to conduct any advising sessions. Faculty, Peer Advisors, Undergraduate Advisor and Director of Undergraduate Program will be expected to use only University accounts to meet with students. As we have multiple levels of advising in the department, we will lay out strategies for each type of engagement. Primarily, as a department we will take advantage of the Pathways advising platform to schedule and conduct advising sessions and compile notes on advising meets. More info can be found here:

Peer Advising 

Peer advisors will hold virtual advising office hours similar to the Spring 2020 semester, prior to the quarantine. Scheduling appointments will be done via Pathways platform. Peers will offer availability that will span Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (though not inclusive of the entire time) to ensure there is at least one peer available every day.

Peer advising goals are to support undergraduate majors with course selection, disseminate information about faculty interests and research, provide general information about major requirements, and to serve as liaisons with various resources on campus.

Undergraduate Advisor (Sarah Jolly)

The undergraduate advisor will hold 20 hours of virtual office hours per week: Monday-Thursday from 12-4 pm and Friday from 10 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm. Scheduling will be done via Pathways platform.

The undergraduate advisor will provide support for current and prospective majors; provide specific information on degree progress; serve as liaison for campus resources, faculty interests and research; orient new majors into the department; match students with faculty advisors; and clear registration holds.

Faculty Advising

Students are assigned to a specific faculty mentor/advisor. Please check Peoplesoft to find out who is your faculty advisor. Faculty advising combines both traditional academic advising advice and professional and career advising. Faculty will have access to the Pathways platform by the end of September. Until then please contact faculty via email to schedule an advising appointment. Faculty contact information can be found here:

Interim Director of Undergraduate Advising (Claire Ebert)

The Director of the undergraduate program provides all advising responsibilities listed above in addition to having responsibility for study abroad evaluation (we’ll just assume we will be able to travel one day); financial aid progress reports; certification of graduates; addressing questions about policy; and mediating conflict or concerns for or about undergraduate majors. Scheduling appointments with the Director can be done via Pathways as was done in the Spring 2020 semester when the school went to a virtual format. Available hours will be posted on Pathways at the beginning of the term.

Anthropology Club:

The Undergraduate Anthropology club offers workshops, hosts informal discussions, shows films, and organizes field trips for anthropology majors and others interested in anthropology. The Club welcomes new members at any time.  Join us at or email us at

Sigma Gamma:

Pitt's chapter of Sigma Gamma, a National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology, provides an opportunity for Pitt students to meet and and share their anthropology interest. Lambda Alpha offers leadership positions, service opportunities, publication opportunities, potential scholarships, and a variety of social events! Applications are available at the beginning of each term for those students who meet the requirements.