Amar Bahadur BK

  • PhD Student - Cultural

Amar BK is interested in social inequality and oppression, social movement, and identity politics in South Asia. His Ph.D. dissertation research examines the relationship among caste, religion, and politics in Nepal. His dissertation research specifically focuses on how members of a faith-based group, participated mostly by women, the poor, and Dalits, empower themselves and envision an equal, caste-less society. His research interest integrates with his involvement in Dalit advocacy and activism in Nepal. 

Degrees and Education

MA, Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (2005 )


Amar BK (2013) “The Stigma of the Name: The Making and Remaking of a Dalit Identity in Nepal” Baha Occasional Papers 6, Social Science Baha, Kathmandu.

Amar BK (2008) “Sanskritization and Caste Opposition: A Shift from Ritual to Politico- Economic Power” Himalayan Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 3:1-10.