Dušan Borić to join the Department as a Visiting Scholar in the Center for Comparative Archaeology

Dušan Borić (PhD, Cambridge, 2003), Lecturer at Cardiff University, UK, is an anthropological archaeologist interested in dynamics of culture change and cultural transmission processes. His primary foci are foraging and the first farming societies in the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean. He has written about various aspects of mortuary and corporeal symbolism, social memory, and household archaeology in prehistoric periods. He is also interested in the integration of science-based methodologies and archaeological interpretation, primarily in relation to isotopic studies and radiocarbon dating in conjunction with Bayesian statistical modeling. He has conducted field work at a number of Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic sites in Serbia and Montenegro, and participated in research projects in Italy, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, and Brazil. His research at the Center for Comparative Archaeology will focus on archaeologically recognizable aspects of “house societies,” drawing on ethnographic and anthropological perspectives.

In conjunction with Professor Marc Berman, Dr. Borić will coordinate the annual Seminar in Comparative Archaeology, beginning in the Fall of 2015. Stay tuned for more information!