Dr. Heath Cabot Wins Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award

Dr. Heath Cabot, Associate Professor of Anthropology, has recently been announced as a recipient of the Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award. This award honors faculty memebers who have demonstrated great potential by virtue of the quality of their early contributions. 

The award's selection committee had this to say of Dr. Cabot: “The selection committee was impressed by how you channeled your ethnographic work with migrants, policymakers, nongovernmental organizations, lawyers and refugees into a monograph that now serves as the foundation for work on solidarity. As your peers wrote, ‘Dr. Cabot is one of the most active and important young voices in anthropology today, with an impressive body of work on asylum, solidarity, and crisis that is also informed by a thoughtful program of advocacy and activism.’ They added, ‘She has no weaknesses: she is a brilliant writer, a brilliant ethnographer, a brilliant editor, a brilliant theorist and analyst, and a brilliant communicator.’ ”

More information on announcement can be found here: https://www.pittwire.pitt.edu/news/chancellor-s-annual-awards-honor-faculty-teaching-research-public-service