Andrew J. Strathern & Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) publish new ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY book... Diaspora, Disasters, and the Cosmos: Rituals and Images (2018)

Pamela J. Stewart & Andrew Strathern publish new ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY book ... Diaspora, Disasters, and the Cosmos: Rituals and Images (2018)

This book discusses some of the most important issues in our world today: Diasporic / Migratory movements of peoples; Precarity as a contemporary construct and as a long standing organic reality in the life of those on planet Earth; Environmental Disasters and Climatic Events; Healing Practices and the Cosmos.

Also, the role of Rituals as important in various contexts, including disaster responses. Our book explores a number of environmental-related topics that are important for the contemporary situations of peoples faced with environmental challenges or disasters, and more generally for cultural ideas about dancing and decorations as indications of well-being and fertility in life-patterns. Combining environmental issues with aesthetics and healing and ritual practices, Diaspora, Disasters, and the Cosmos exemplifies the inter-relations of cultural patterns in the lives of indigenous people in the Pacific and elsewhere.