Sinan Dogan

  • PhD Student - Cultural

My research interests include anthropology of mental health, care, informality, and social support, extending across the fields of medical, psychological, and activist anthropology. My current research is on the informal social support processes concerning social suffering among youth in Romania.

My first ethnographic research project examined informal political and cultural organization of Kurdish diaspora in the UK, through conflicting cultural models of solidarity and resistance (2015-2016). I also conducted preliminary ethnographic research with precarious office workers and entrepreneurs in Turkey regarding technologies of self-making (2017); and archival research on socio-cognitive development and culture change with the pervasiveness of digital technologies (2018). Meanwhile, I worked as research assistant for the ERC-funded interdisciplinary project “The New Politics of Welfare: Towards an ‘Emerging Markets’ Welfare State Regime” (2017-2018).

I have taken part in several NGOs and direct action groups mostly focusing on grassroots movements, ecology, and animal rights. I am currently a member of a worker-owned agricultural cooperative dealing with the farmers` cooperativization, community-engaged education and lifelong development projects.

Degrees and Education

BA - Psychology - Koç University, Turkey (2018)


Dogan, S. (2019). Politically Framed Cultural Models and Construction of Autonomous-Related Self. In H. S. Majhail & S. Dogan (Eds.), World of Diasporas: Different Perceptions on the Concept of Diaspora (pp. 46-57). Leiden: Brill. doi:10.1163/9789004388048_006