Sharon Toth

  • PhD Granted 2022

Sharon Toth is interested in comparative anatomy of the knee, mainly the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).  She uses dogs as an anatomical model for humans to understand the biomechanical and genetic susceptibility of ACL rupture.  The unequal distribution of rupture rates suggests there is a predisposition, either mechanical or genetic.  Using statistical analyses, Sharon explores the factors that can lead to rupture.  One of her main objectives is to analyze the connection between the identified variables to understand how certain aspects of the body influence the entire biological system.  Additionally, Sharon has participated in bioarcheological fieldwork in Belize with fellow Pitt graduate students.  She also retains her interest in evolutionary anthropology, especially environmental impact on hominin evolution.             

Degrees and Education

BS - Evolutionary Anthropology – Rutgers University (2015)