Mesfer Alqahtani

  • PhD Student- Archaeology

Mesfer Alqahtani is PhD student in Archaeology, and his research interests focus on the archaeology of Prehistoric Arabia.

His main research interest is to investigate the early complex societies of the Arabian Peninsula: the cultural developments, which happened through the end of the Neolithic causing the emergence of settlements (small villages around big wades and basins) during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze periods.


Luciani, Marta., Alqahtani, Mesfer., Alsulaimi, Milk., and Abualhassan, Abdurahaman. The long history of Qurayyah's Plateau: Epigraphy, Rock Art and Archaeology. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies. (In review)

Stewart, Mathew., Andrieux, Eric., Clark-Wilson, Richard., Vanwezer, Nils., Blinkhorn, James., Armitage, Simon J., Al Omari, Abdulaziz., Zahrani, Badr., Alqahtani, Mesfer., Al-Shanti, Mahmoud., Zalmout, Iyad,. Al-Mufarreh, Yahya., Alsharekh, Abdullah., Boivin, Nicole., Petraglia, Michael., 2021. Taphonomy of an excavated striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) den in Arabia: implications for paleoecology and prehistory Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13:139.

Alqahtani, Mesfer and Alsulaimi, Milk. "نتائج مسح النقوش والرسوم الصخرية بهضبة قرية" [Epigraphic and Petroglyphs Survey of Qurayyah's Plateau Report]. the Journal of Saudi Arabian Archaeology (under print).

Degrees and Education

2021 Starting PhD in Archaeology (Department of Anthropology) – University of Pittsburgh.
2018 MA, Applied Archaeology (Department of Anthropology) – Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Thesis Title: Geospatial Probability Modeling of Stone Structures in Northern Saudi Arabia.
2015 Program of Intensive Instruction in English as a Second Language, University of Oregon.
2012 BA, Archaeology (Department of Archaeology) – King Saud University.


2021 Archaeological Research Grant from Heritage Commission - Saudi Ministry of Culture.
2020-2021 Graduate Fellowship in the Center for Comparative Archaeology at Department of Anthropology - University of Pittsburgh.
2018 Dean’s Award for Excellence in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Indiana University of Pennsylvania