Emma Messinger

  • PhD Student - Archaeology
Emma is in the 3rd year of her PhD in Mesoamerican archaeology. She is combining household archaeology, paleoethnobotany, and ceramic analysis to address questions of labor, ideology, and domestic decision-making. She works primarily with the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR) Program, and her decade of fieldwork experience has also centered in the American Southwest and on the Northwest Coast. Her interests include community-based archaeology, gender, identity, and ritual.


2020 Walden, John P., Tia B. Watkins, Kyle Shaw-Müller, Claire E. Ebert, Emma Messinger, Rafael A. Guerra, and Jaime J. Awe. "Multiscalar Approaches to Reconstructing Classic Maya Strategies of Ceremonial Inclusion and Exclusion through the Accessibility of Architecture at Lower Dover, Belize". In El paisaje urbano maya: del preclásico al virreinato, edited by Juan Garcia Targa. British Archaeological Reports, Oxford. In Press. 

Degrees and Education

B.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology from Northern Arizona University, 2015


2018-2019 Graduate Fellowship in Latin American Archaeology
Fall 2020 Graduate Fellowship in Latin American Archaeology