Darius Bittle-Dockery

  • PhD Granted in 2022

Darius has recently successfully earned the degrees of Ph.D. and M.P.H. in Medical Anthropology and Behavioral & Community Health Sciences, respectively. Incorporating interdisciplinary methods, including social network analysis and ethnographic observation, his research investigates the intersection between infrastructural communication technologies, information networks, and the experience of chronic disease within the lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan. His other academic interests reside within the subjects of human ecology, economies of surveillance, and science and technology studies.

Outside of academia, Darius has pursued collaborative opportunities with multiple local and international health organizations. Throughout his time as a graduate student, Darius has worked on a variety of projects ranging from improving community-health programs with UPMC in Pittsburgh to standardizing coordination practices with the International Medical Corps in the Azraq Syrian Refugee Camp.

Through his dissertation research and continued collaboration with health organizations, Darius aims to identify areas of intervention that can help address and ameliorate social determinants of health in the lives of refugees and other groups marginalized by social, political, or health inequities.


Degrees and Education

Tufts University - Medford, MA | Sep. 2006 – May 2010
BA in Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy


Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship (2019-2020)
David L. Boren Fellowship (2018-2019)
Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellow (2016-2017)
Awarded Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow (2016-17) (Declined)
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Diversity Fellow (Summer 2016)
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow (2015-16)
Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Award Winner (Summer 2015)
K. Leroy Irvis Fellow (2014-15)
University of Pittsburgh Graduate Expo Outstanding Presenter Award (2015)