Carolina Forgit-Knerr

  • PhD Student - Cultural

Carolina Forgit-Knerr is a cultural anthropologist interested in the forced migration of humans and its effects on virtually static constructs such as bureaucracies or nation-states. More specifically, she wants to understand the many perspectives on the interplay of power linked to laws and regulations surrounding the practice of people crossing borders and what roles the construction of knowledge, and correlated technology plays in redefining those rules.

For her Ph.D. research, Carolina intends to focus on borders within South America because of the unique situation created by left-wing political leaders governing their country with indigenous, Marxist and/or Bolivarian ideals in a predominantly neoliberal world. In her research she wants to focus on those countries where this left-wing approach has seemingly failed resulting in upheaval and forced migration, such as in Venezuela. Carolina wants to approach following questions through the lens of Science and Technology Studies: What type of new technologies and systems of regulations are developed by the physical movement of people on both sides of the border and how do they influence and change the policies and laws of the respective nation-state?

Degrees and Education

BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Free University Berlin , 2017 BA thesis: “ Wir sind Einzelkämpfer!“ Administrative decision - making and boundary objects in a state - mandated bureaucratic framework Advisor: Olaf Zenker