Anna Mousouli

  • PhD Student - Cultural

I am a sociocultural anthropologist, enrolled in the joint degree program Ph.D. in Anthropology/ MPH in Behavioral & Community Health Sciences. My current research interests are in migration and refugee studies, identity, gender and sexuality, medical anthropology, anthropology, and public health. I intend to conduct ethnographic fieldwork among Afghan people who live in Greece.

My interest in migration and refugee studies dates from 2001 during my undergraduate training in anthropology. My M.Sc. thesis, which was marked with distinction, examines how power relations affect and shape the positioning, discourses, and practices of Albanian immigrants in Greek society and in the health care system. I have conducted ethnographic field research among Albanian people mainly in Greece, but also in Albania. From 2007 to 2010, I participated in an oral history research program about the settlement in Kessariani (i.e. a suburb of Athens) of Greek refugees from Asia Minor in 1922, the German Occupation of Greece during World War II, and the Greek Civil War.

I have worked as a volunteer, independently and in NGOs, with migrants and refugees, in various administrative posts, and as a foreign language teacher in the private sector for more than ten years, before starting my graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 2017. 

I am a native speaker of Greek, and a proficient speaker of English and French. I also speak basic Albanian and I am currently learning Farsi.

Degrees and Education

M.Sc. Medical Anthropology, University College London (UCL), UK (2004)
B.A. Social Policy and Social Anthropology (Major/Specialization Social Anthropology), Panteion University, Greece (2002)


2018 Klinzing Pre-dissertation Grant (European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh)
2018 - INPAC Research Grant (Asian Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh)
2018 REES Small Grant (Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, University of Pittsburgh)
2017-2018 Arts and Science Graduate Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh


Mousouli, Anna. 2005. “Albanian Immigrants in Athens: Power Relations and Health”. Tirana: Albanian Institute for International Studies.