List of Courses for Medical Anthropology Concentration

Anthropology and Public Health in Latin America (ANTH 1737/2782)

Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ANTH 17522737)

Asian Medical Systems (ANTH 1793)

Population and Culture (ANTH 1792/2763)

Ritual Theory (ANTH 1737/2782)

Paleopathology (ANTH 1619)

Trauma (ANTH 1619)

Principles of Statistical Reasoning (BIOST 2011)

Principles of Epidemiology (EPIDEM 2110)

Health, Disease, and Environment I (IDM 2011)

Health, Disease, and Environment II (IDM 2012)

Introduction to Health Services Administration (HPM 2000)

Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health Practice (BCHS 2502)

Capstone: Public Health Case Series (PUBHLTH 2008)

Theories of Health Behavior and Health Education (BCHS 2520)

Political and Legal Factors in Public Health (BCHS 2552)

Health Survey Methods (BCHS 3002)

Community Health Assessment (BCHS 2563)