Claire Ebert

  • Assistant Professor

Claire Ebert is an archaeologist whose research focuses on the complex dynamics between people and their environments throughout the Holocene in Mesoamerica. This includes examining how humans adapted to climatic and environmental change and the roles of social and environmental diversity in creating complexity. She is particularly interested in the emergence of complexity among the earliest Maya agricultural communities, and the fluctuating environmental and climatic contexts in which they appeared. She also motivated by the potential of comparative archaeology to develop models of past human-environment among early agricultural societies globally and has participated in archaeological projects in the US Southwest and Croatia. She is a co-director of the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR) Project and offers graduate and undergraduate student research opportunities in the field in Belize and in the Pitt Anthropology Stable Isotope Lab. Her current research projects include exploring the stable isotope ecology of agriculture and development of isoscape models across western Belize, lidar remote sensing analyses and survey in the Belize River Valley, and pottery and obsidian geochemical sourcing analyses.


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