Ondřej Žíla

  • Fulbright Research Scholar

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Russian and East European Studies of the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, is visiting the Department of Anthropology as a Fulbright Research Scholar, and will work with Professor Robert Hayden.  Dr. Žíla’s chief research interests are ethno-demographic changes, forced migrations, conflicts, postwar reconstruction, and post-socialist transformation in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  During his Fulbright fellowship he is focusing on two research projects. The first one analyzes the reintegration of divided Sarajevo after the end of the Bosnian conflict at the beginning of 1996 (January-March) and its specific consequences, especially the flight of Bosnian Serbs from Sarajevo. The second project focuses on the Bosnian diaspora in the US that was largely a result of the violent conflict in the 1990s. The project aim is to consider ways in which members of diaspora relate through the partition to the country of their origin, i.e., ex-Yugoslav republic Bosnia and Herzegovina  with regard to their war experiences, (in)voluntary migration and displacement.  Dr. Žíla’s contact information is: ondrejzila@gmail.com; https://cuni.academia.edu/ondrejzila.