Ljiljana Pantovic

  • PhD Student - Cultural

Ljiljana Pantović is a cultural and medical anthropologist interested in how women’s health is shaped, experienced, and negotiated in Eastern Europe. Her research aims to understand the impact and effect of market-based private healthcare on the existing public, universal healthcare landscape in post-socialist Serbia. Her dissertation aims to understand how and why both patients and providers move between the state-provided public healthcare system and the newly emerging private healthcare practices in order to establish trust and continuity of care within the untrusted, understaffed and underfunded state public healthcare system.

Degrees and Education

MA in Gender Studies (2012-2013), Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Thesis title: Eugenics and the Nation in the Writings of a Turn-of-the-Century Serbian Physician: the case of Milan. Jovanović Batut
MA in Ethnology and Anthropology (2011 - 2013), Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia. Thesis title: Rodno odgovorno budžetiranje u Srbiji. Anthropološki pogled na javne politike ( Gender - responsive budgetin
BA in Ethnology and Anthropology (2007 - 2011), Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia. Thesis title: The social life of a TV show: Biopoli tics and Battlestar Galactica


Social Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2016-2017), University of Pittsburgh
Klinzing Grant for Dissertation Research (2016-2017), European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh
Andrew Mellon Pre doctoral Fellowship (2015-2016), University of Pittsburgh
3Minute Thesis, 3rd Prize Winner for the Social Science Division, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Best Master’s Thesis in Ethnology and Anthropology 2011/2012, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, University of Belgrade (2012)
Best undergraduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2012)
Best undergraduate student of the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology of the class of 2007, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, (2011)
Recipient of the top 1000 students’ award, “Dositeja”, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Serbia (2010-2016)


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Pantovic Ljiljana 2016. Buying a connection. Private practice in public health care – the case of a Serbian maternity hospital. Anthropology of Eastern European Review, University of Indiana

Pantovic Ljiljana 2014. For the Better life of every Man and Giraffe. Studies in Biopolitics. ed. Sandor Judit, CELAB Budapest

Pantovic Ljiljana. 2013. Medicalization of masturbation travels East. PULSE. ed Karioris Frank, CEU Budapest