Lazar Jovanovic

  • PhD Student- Cultural

As a part of his doctoral research, Lazar explores ethical dimensions of everyday social interactions and positive models of sociality in the context of the contemporary Serbian society. To that end - departing from the quotidian and ordinary - the research project addresses a perennial problem of the relation between individual and society, exceeding the disciplinary boundaries of anthropology and critically reassessing this inherent dichotomy. Given the socio-cultural, political and economic context of the research, the project draws upon several different perspectives: anthropological study of personhood, agency and subjectivity, affect theory, chaos theory, value theory, sociolinguistics, relationalism, interdisciplinary debates on ethics and morality.

Degrees and Education

MA, University of Muenster, 2018
MA, University of Belgrade, 2015
BA, University of Belgrade, 2014

Research Description