Junyang Cao

  • MA granted in 2018

My name is Junyang Cao (曹俊阳). I come from Henan, China, and I received my Bachelor’s degrees in Archaeology at Zhengzhou University in 2015. I am interested in hunter-gatherer and environment interactions and the ways in which hunter-gatherers adapt to paleoenvironmental fluctuations in East Asia, with a focus on the subsistence shifts of hunter-gatherers in arid and semi-arid North China during Upper Paleolithic period. I have a passion for lithic micro wear analysis in revealing the function of lithic tools and the evolution of human behavior. And I am also interested in conducting experiments such as flint knapping and plant harvesting to experience hunting-gathering life! Currently I am working with Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ningxia Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology in Pigeon Mountain, Ningxia, with a focus on how the evolution of stone toolkits reflect the hunter-gatherer behavior such as mobility and settlement patterns.

Degrees and Education

MA - Anthropology - University of Pittsburgh (2018)
BA - Archaeology - Zhengzhou University, China (2015)


Cao, Junyang (2018) The Extirpation of the Chinese Alligator in North China. Masters Paper, University of Pittsburgh.