Jovana Dikovic

  • Visiting Researcher

Dr. Jovana Dikovic obtained a doctoral degree in economic anthropology from the University of Zurich. Since 2006 she has been a researcher and lecturer in higher education institutions and research centers in Serbia, Germany, and Switzerland, and visiting scholar at the University of Ottawa and the University of Pittsburgh. Her major research focus is on economic, environmental, and ethical post-socialist transformations in the rural Balkans. In her doctoral dissertation, Jovana examined how individual sense of autonomy and utilization of private ownership, as well as local ethics, skewed and changed state agricultural policies and rural development plans in Serbia. Jovana's regional and conceptual interests expanded to Kosovo. In her ongoing project “Farming under Barricades: Study of Post-conflict Cooperation in Kosovo” Jovana studies the modalities of economic relationships between Kosovo Albanian and Serbian farmers, and how they regenerate post-war agricultural markets, ties, and commitment to peace.