Camilla Sturm

  • PhD Granted in 2017

Camilla (Kelsoe) Sturm studies the relationship between economic control and political power in the emergence of complex societies in late Neolithic China. Her research specifically investigates the role that the regulation of access to basic goods, particularly utilitarian pottery, has in the development of social inequality. She uses geochemical techniques to trace changes in pottery distribution networks within, around, and between two walled settlements in the northern Jianghan Plain, Hubei from 3,300 – 2,000 BCE. These findings will be compared to changes in regional settlement patterns documented by fellow graduate student, Dongdong Li, as part of a broader collaborative effort between the Hubei Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Wuhan University, and the University of Pittsburgh to study the evolution of social complexity in communities along the Middle Yangzi River. PhD 2017!

Degrees and Education

PhD - Anthropology - University of Pittsburgh (2017)
AB - Anthropology & Italian - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY (2010)


Sturm, C., Clark, J.K., Barton, L. (2016) The logic of ceramic technology in marginal environments: implications for mobile life, American Antiquity, 81(4); 645-663.