Dr. Anand Pandian 29 Sep 2017

brought to you by the Asian Studies Center and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Anand Pandian

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University


Between here and there: thinking through the area of area studies

Friday, September 29th, 3:00 pm, 4130 WWPH


What resources for comparative understanding and critique may be gleaned from our scholarly work in particular regions? Answers to this question turn in part on how we take “area” to matter in area studies: as a geographic domain of expertise, or instead as an acknowledgement that our knowledge is necessarily shaped by the contexts in which it arises. This exploratory talk will seek to draw out potential sources of insight into this problem and its implications by reflecting on three anthropological projects pursued between the United States and south India over the last fifteen years. 

Dr. Pandian teaches anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. His books include Crooked Stalks: Cultivating Virtue in South India (2009), Ayya’s Accounts: A Ledger of Hope in Modern India (2014), and Reel World: An Anthropology of Creation (2015). 


Location Information

Location: 4130 WWPH